Chaos Theory Rocks

As promised, a few members of the Hype-fam stopped by the Seahorse to enjoy a few of Music Nova Scotia’s finest.  While no adventure to New Music Tuesday is quite the same without our pal Bish and his famous slow-claps, good times were still in full effect. Warming things up for the Tuesday night crowd were the mellow and catchy sounds of The Scott Nicks Band and Fourth Well.

The headliners of the evening, who were one of the first bands to sign up for, brought a certain shift to the dynamic of the show. Chaos Theory filled the Seahorse with a heavier rock sound that we labeled “melodic metal”. Citing influences such as Godsmack, Alice in Chains, Three Days Grace, and Van Halen and commonly described as “a sonic assault to both the mind and the senses”, this Halifax based band puts on a great show and rallied quite the crowd.

Not afraid to get down to brass tacks on the rock and roll front, we’ll sum the night up in six words: music – hard, tunes – catchy, lyrics – legit.

Feeling as though you’d like to hear more? Well visit their website. After you’ve acquainted yourself with their awesomeness you can get all the details you need for their upcoming shows at

This week we are going to keep the Tuesday-night outings going with our friends at Shakespeare by the Sea – updates to come!

mg & jb


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  1. Just as a random fyi, the caesars at The Seahorse are delicious!!

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